The Best Food Delivery Service

I’d like to acknowledge Food Delivery for their pleasant help today when I called to place a last minute order for a meeting.

Great Service

Your female employee on the phone was so kind yesterday! She took my order, got it exactly correct; and my food arrived.

Quality Delivery

I am very grateful to have this service in our city. You make dinner a no-brainer on those crazy/ lazy nights and even on holidays.

I Like Your Pizzas

I am a real pizza addict, and even when I’m home I prefer your pizzas to all others. They taste awesome and are very affordable.

Perfect and Tasty Sushi

Thanks so much for the gorgeous sushi rolls and burgers on Saturday. We loved them - so beautiful and yummy!

We Order Burgers Here

When you work in the office, sometimes it is hard to eat on time. However, thanks to Food Delivery, we order tasty burgers for our office almost everyday!

  • 267 Park Avenue New York, NY 90210